Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pottering, poking, plotting

Today we shared our first strawberry...

20th June 2010

...marvelled at how quickly things are growing, including the pepper...

20th June 2010

...wondered about potato flowers and pottered and poked around the plot.

20th June 2010

We harvested more pea shoots, coriander, spinach beet and pak choi which went into a Thai Tom Yam soup for tea, adding our bounty at the very end for maximum taste and freshness.

I sowed some garlic chives, rocket and lovage seeds as well as planting some seedlings from our flat which I think are courgettes but I'm not 100% certain. Some of the courgette seeds I sowed on Thursday were showing their first leaves but there was no sign of the patty pans so I'll see if the ones in the propagator germinate in the next few days.

Most things are growing well, the sweetcorn had doubled in size since Thursday but my beans look peaky. The tomatoes and peppers have a slightly yellowish hue to them so I'll try feeding them next time I'm at the plot. I made some nettle tonic a few weeks ago which stinks but is worth a try. The only problem is we've been borrowing our neighbours watering can and I don't want to stink it out.

I also need to read up on spuds as I don't know if they should be allowed to flower or how to tell when they are ready. I had a poke around the roots last week but didn't spot any spuds.

We also found some cupboard doors at the entrance to the allotments which we've nabbed and will turn into a cold frame once the spuds have been harvested.

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