Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Back to the plot

I've been on holiday in Kenya for the last two weeks. In between navigating local buses, eating delicious food, incredible wildlife encounters and wandering old Swahili backstreets my thoughts have wandered to the allotment. Our allotment neighbour has been keeping an eye on our plot (apparently something has been digging in our horseradish container) and keeping things watered.

We're heading up there today and will check on her patch as she's away this week. Our small garden has gone berserk while we've been away so it will be interesting to see how our plot is. Some of the seeds I planted at home before we left have germinated but I think the peppers, chillies and tomatoes need more heat to get going. I'll take some photos once I get my holiday snaps sorted out.

The lettuces in my window box are huge so I think that's lunch sorted, though I've been very spoilt in Kenya eating mango fresh from the tree. As Ken, our safari guide would say, "yum yum".

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